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E-commerce as a Competitive Advantage
E-commerce as a Competitive Advantage ” Purchasing goods e-commerce online shopping

E-commerce is a designed online platform, that allows us to buy and sell our products or services using the internet. Technically, it is the transfer of data and money over the internet.

There are several types of E-commerce:

  • B2C E-commerce: Business to consumer internet commerce, which is the most common type, and it is when consumers buy products or services from an online shop.
  • B2B E-commerce: Business to Business internet commerce, and it is when companies buy raw or semi-finished goods to another company that needs to sell finished goods.
  • C2C E-Commerce: consumer-to-consumer internet commerce, and it is when consumers sell directly to each other.
  • C2B E-Commerce: consumer to Business internet commerce, and it is when consumers sell their products or services to businesses.
  • B2A E-commerce: Business To administration internet commerce, when transactions happen between businesses and public administration.
  • C2A E-commerce: consumer to administration, transactions happening between the consumer and public administration.

According to recent studies, and, regardless of the different types of e-commerce, the market size value is expected to grow with a compounded rate of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.

To make things clearer, the global market value in 2020 was approximately 10 trillion USD, however, in 2027 forecasts show a value of approximately 27 trillion USD.

These numbers should not shock you, because the technological awareness among people has been higher than before, due to the penetration of smartphones, digital content, e-financial services and, much more.

We should also keep in mind that the implementation of 4G & 5G technologies provided consumers with a faster browsing capability, which acted as a support system for the growth of e-commerce businesses.

Yes, it is a great opportunity to move towards e-commerce businesses, where most likely, vendors, suppliers, businesses, and consumers are online. Hence, reaching more consumers leads to a wider customer base.

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